Top five reasons to be cheerful!

Look beyond what the media calls news and you'll notice that there's a lot of things going right

Do you ever listen to the news and find yourself thinking that the world has gone to the dogs? But look beyond what the media calls news and there also are a lot of things going right.
  1. Over the last 25 years, two billion people globally have moved out of extreme poverty.1
  2. Over the same period, mortality rates among children under the age of five have fallen by 53%.1
  3. Globally, life expectancy has increased by 5.0 years.2
  4. Access to financial services has greatly expanded in developing countries. Among the poorest households within developing economies, the share without a bank account fell by 17% on average between 2011 and 2014.3
  5. The world is exploring new sources of renewable energy. In 2014, renewable energy such as wind and solar expanded at its fastest rate to date and accounted for more than 45% of net additions to world capacity in the power sector.4

Keeping those good things in mind can help when you feel overwhelmed by all the bad news.

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Source: Dimensional Fund Advisors

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